Polyester Composite


Polyester-composite is made of a special artificially cast stone material. The material consists of solid moulded polyester with a blend of natural minerals. The stone is hand polished which gives it the unique, matt surface. 


The tabletop can be wiped off with a dry or moist cloth. Any excess water should be wiped off with a dry cloth. 
Any large stains may be removed with a light solution of an all-purpose cleaner. In case of particularly stubborn stains a concentrated, all-purpose cleaner may be used with subsequent washing off. 

Scratches and spots that cannot be removed immediately with cleaning agents can be removed by lightly polishing the surface. This is possible because the tabletops are moulded in one solid piece. 


Polyester composite is a sensitive material that is easily susceptible to stains and should therefore be treated with caution.