Arne Jacobsen

3316, Lounge chair

3316 - 3316, Egg Chair, easy chair, Fame, Black 3316 - 3316, Egg Chair, easy chair, Fame, Black
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Fully upholstered

  • Fame
  • 60999 - Black
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YEN 655,200(税込)


エッグチェアは、幅広いバリエーションの布や革の張り地を持つ椅子です。ベースは、アルミ製の台座とサテン仕上げのスチール脚から成るスターベースです。合成素材のシェルは、ウレタンフォームで パディングされています。アルミ製ベースのエッグチェア用フットスツールもあります。

3316, Egg Chair, easy chair

デザイナー: Arne Jacobsen

詳細 The cooperation between Arne Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen dates back to 1934. But in was in 1952 the break-through came with the Ant™. It was succeeded by the Series 7™ in 1955. This propelled his and Fritz Hansen's names into furniture history. Arne Jacobsen was very productive both as an architect and as a designer. At the end of the 50s Arne Jacobsen designed the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, and for that project the Egg™, the Swan™, the Swan™ sofa and Series 3300™…