Republic of Fritz Hansen™ contributed to the discovery and development of the pressure moulded veneer technique. Over the years, the technique has been refined to perfection and the improved quality of the pressure moulded veneer has consistently been transferred to the furniture. Today, Republic of Fritz Hansen are still leaders in the field and use pressure moulded veneer in the production of, among others, Arne Jacobsen’s stackable chairs such as Serie 7™ and Ant™ and the Arne Jacobsen’s table series.

Coloured Ash is a lacquered finish with a raw and powerful expression. The wood grain is clearly visible and gives the chair a varied and authentic look. Coloured Ash is very resistant to scratches.

Natural Veneer emphasizes the pure and natural qualities of wood. The lacquer enhances and accentuates the veins of the wood. The chair’s organic form and sweeping contours are also enhanced by this kind of lacquer. The chair also becomes particularly hard wearing thanks to this traditional finish.


A lacquered surface really allows the colour to emerge and come into its own. This finish gives a uniformed and silky soft surface without a visible wood grain. 

Never use cleaning abrasives, steel wool or polish; on the contrary, use as mild and lenient a
cleaning detergent as possible.
Always follow the directions for use provided on the cleaning detergent in question.
No cleaning detergent will take away all types of stains. If specific stains have occurred on the
table top, you may have to clean them away in another way than suggested in the following.
The following recommendations only apply where the stains are superficial; they do not apply
where the laminate has been penetrated.
Never place/use e.g. hot-plate candles, fondue sets or similar inflammable items directly on the
table top.
Please note that extension leaves, which for certain table models, are put together and stored
under the table top, must be clean and completely dry before storage.

The Lacquered surfaces in natural wood do not stand moist heat or alcohol. All spilt liquids must
therefore be wiped up immediately. When cleaning, water should be used only in small quantities,
preferably just a damp cloth, and the table should subsequently always be wiped with a dry
The Lacquered surface will take on a patina within the first weeks of use. Make sure that nothing
is placed on the surface at the same place for long, as this will result in stains and discolouring.
How much and how fast the surface will patinate depends on the type of wood and the exposure
to light.

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