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The solid wood used for the Essay™ table by Cecilie Manz originates from sustainable forests and is delivered from a supplier with chain of custody certification. All the wood comes from trees that are between 60 and 160 years old. Each tabletop is glued together from carefully selected wooden strips and the edges are sanded by hand. The different types of wood available are oak, ash, black coloured ash and walnut.


For care of solid wood tabletops we recommend using oil, a sturdy sponge and a cloth. Use white pigment oil for oak,  a clear oil for walnut. This will protect the tabletop against water and dirt and give the wood a finish, maintaining the natural colour of oak while giving it a smooth, silky matt surface. Use white pigment oil, or alternatively clear oil, if the surface becomes too light-coloured. To keep the wood from drying out and to keep it looking the same, we recommend treating the table twice when you receive it - and then three or four times a year, or as needed. The table must always be treated on both sides - upper and lower sides - to keep it from warping.

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