How can I tell the difference between a genuine Fritz Hansen design and a counterfeit?

In spite of our imitators’ efforts, copies are easy to spot. Poor execution and inferior quality down to the tiniest detail give them away. The creative and financial investment that goes into a genuine Fritz Hansen means that our products have no equal in terms of quality, durability and design.
Help us fight copies. Email us at if you have spotted a counterfeit Fritz Hansen product.

Only our network of authorized and skilled dealers can guarantee our products’ authenticity, offer the best design, service and after-sales service. Anyone selling our products outside this network has no connection with Fritz Hansen.

We actively investigate counterfeiting operations and take legal action wherever possible to halt production and destroy any counterfeits already produced.

All our upholstered furniture produced since 2006 bears a Republic of Fritz Hansen tag as a sign of authenticity. Products produced before 2010 have a red tag while products produced today come with a brown tag. At the same time, all Fritz Hansen products are labelled with a unique ID number, the name of the designer, the year of manufacture and origin to help establish the value of each item in the future and for the purpose of extended warranty registration.

The leather and fabric used in our upholstered furniture is sourced from the very best suppliers and upholstering is always undertaken by skilled craftsmen. Our commitment to quality shines through in every authentic Fritz Hansen piece.


It is important for Fritz Hansen to show the world that we will not tolerate those who infringe our design rights. Furthermore, it is important for us to demonstrate our passion to those who respect design heritage, live and support our brand. In this respect we have implemented yet another precautionary measure, which means that an ‘invisible’ thread has been introduced into our labels, which can only be identified by a special pen that Fritz Hansen holds. In the light hereof, we can always distinguish between an original and a copy.

High quality and an equally high level of service follow automatically with the purchase of authentic products and thereby distinguish them from copies. Every authentic product goes through a Premium Check before it is packed and sent to the customer. Premium Check ensures that each product has been thoroughly tried and tested by one of our specially trained employees before it is dispatched. We want to ensure that the product lives up our high quality requirements in every way so that the customer gets the very most out of the product. A personally signed certificate accompanies each product, which guarantees that the product has been through a Premium Check.

To emphasize our dedication to quality and authentic design, you will receive up to 20 years limited guarantee if you register your product on My Republic immediately after purchase. Each product bears an ID number, which is to be used upon registration. The ID number also allows you to report your product stolen if that is unfortunately the case, and get it back if it is recovered.

be ORIGINAL is a group of prestigious firms joined together to promote the importance of authenticity of design.

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